Stromacare has raised € 1.500.000

Stromacare has raised € 1.500.000

Lyon, May 9, 2022 

StromaCare has raised €1,500,000 for the development of a new oncology therapy based on the immuno-modulation of the tumor stroma using a monoclonal antibody. 

This biotech company based in Lyon announces a fundraising of €1,500,000 from Sham Innovation Santé (Advised by Turenne Groupe), Kréaxi, and Crédit Agricole Création. 

Stromacare is developing a new therapy in oncology based on the immuno-modulation of the tumor stroma using a monoclonal antibody. The tumor stroma is a reaction of the tissue in which the tumor is growing, which inhibits the CD8 T cells and creates a physical barrier preventing access of immune system and therapeutic molecules to the tumor. An overexpressed protein is at the origin of this stromal barrier. Thanks to a specific antibody directed against this protein, we are able to reactivate CD8 T lymphocytes and modulate the stroma stiffness, allowing them to reach and act on the tumor and facilitate the action of other therapies. This new approach opens the way to considerable clinical developments, the stroma being common to all solid cancers. 

The company leverages the results of proof of concept in animals carried out by the team led by Dr Ana Hennino, Laureate of the Béatrice Denys Foundation 2021, within INSERM-CRCL, the CNRS, the University of Lyon and the Leon Bérard Center. Her laboratory is internationally recognized for its work on the stroma and is considered as a pioneer in this field. It has been granted with several awards of excellence. 

Stromacare has signed an exclusive worldwide license with Inserm Transfert covering a portfolio of three patent families and all the know-how developed. 

Ana Hennino, co-founder and CSO announces: "We have shown that the use of this antibody is capable of significantly increasing the survival of animals with solid stromal cancer, alone and in combination with other therapies. Our purpose is now to go to the "First in Human" clinical phase in order to evaluate our product and offer an innovative therapy to cancer patients". 

Pierre-Olivier Goineau, co-founder and CEO declares: “The work carried out by Ana is remarkable; it opens up truly innovative therapeutic perspectives in oncology. I would like to thank the funds and the business-angels who trusted us from this stage. Thanks to these new shareholders, this fundraising will be supplemented by “innovation” loans and will make it possible to develop the antibody and refine our regulatory preclinical plan as well as our clinical plan. » 

Camille Darcissac (Turenne Groupe) states: “Laureate of our Béatrice Denys Foundation, we were quickly convinced by the relevance and robustness of the approach, targeting the tumor stroma, developed by Ana. The innovation brought by Stromacare is unique and bears considerable therapeutic promises for patients suffering from solid tumors. Combined with Pierre-Olivier's extensive experience in biotech development, Stromacare has the necessary assets to conduct its preclinical development and prepare its clinical plan. » 

Isabelle Bou Antoun (Chief Executive Officer of Kréaxi) adds: “Stromacare opens a promising new therapeutic avenue in the field of oncology, resulting from research work carried out within the Léon Bérard Center (CLB-Lyon). The quality and robustness of the science, supported by a very experienced team, convinced us to support this project with a major societal impact in the treatment of solid tumors”. 

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About Turenne Groupe / Sham Innovation Health 

Created in May 2014, Sham Innovation Santé is an investment structure specializing in health innovation capital, controlled and owned by Sham, a mutual insurance company specializing in risk management for health, social and medical players. Sham is the leading French player in medical civil liability. Advised by Turenne Santé (Health Division of the Turenne Group), Sham Innovation Santé's mission is to support the growth and development phases of innovative companies in the field of health. 

Turenne Groupe, one of the main French players in private equity, has been supporting entrepreneurs for 20 years in their innovation, development and business transfer projects. An independent player, the group manages €1.4 billion in assets. Its teams of 70 professionals, including 56 investors, based in Paris, Lille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nice and Metz, support 200 business leaders in the health, hotel, new technologies, distribution and innovative services. With more than €300 million, our healthcare team (Turenne Santé) invests across the entire value creation chain of healthcare companies through different investment approaches. 

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About Kréaxi : 

Kréaxi is one of the French leaders in Capital Innovation investing in the capital of young innovative companies with high growth potential, managing nearly €150 million through a range of pan-European and regional funds. Kréaxi has invested in more than 550 companies over the past thirty years (including 22 initial public offerings and more than 300 disposals, including 150 industrials), and holds around 60 active investments in its portfolio, with a team of 12 professionals based in Lyon and Paris. 

More information: +33 4 72 52 39 39 | @kreaxi | LinkedIn 

About Crédit Agricole Création : 

CA Création is a private equity firm specializing in corporate finance support for young innovative companies. 

A 100% subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Centre-Est, CA Création has been supporting projects from its regions (Rhône, Ain, Saône et Loire and Nord Isère-Drôme-Ardèche) for more than 15 years, generally in partnership with stakeholder’s reference premises for private equity. Bearing the values of Crédit Agricole's mutualist model, CA Création intends to strengthen its interventions in innovative projects, particularly in the housing, health, environment and agri-food sectors. 

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