StromaCare appoints Georges Rawadi as CEO

StromaCare appoints Georges Rawadi as CEO

StromaCare appoints Georges Rawadi as CEO


With decades of biotech experience, Rawadi will lead StromaCare to next stage in drug development based on novel ‘stroma modulation’ approach that fights aggressive and resistant cancers

Lyon, France, February 13, 2024 - StromaCare, a French biotechnology company pioneering the discovery and development of cancer immunotherapies through stroma modulation, today announces the appointment of Georges Rawadi as chief executive officer (CEO).

StromaCare focuses on the tumoral stroma as a novel approach to developing first-in-class therapies for fighting aggressive and resistant cancers. The tumoral stroma is a complex ecosystem surrounding the tumor, which can include blood vessels, immune cells and fibroblasts. It plays an important role in the initiation and progression of cancers. The stroma can represent up to 80% of the tumoral volume and acts as a barrier, preventing the immune system and therapeutics from accessing tumor cells. StromaCare’s lead drug candidate, a monoclonal antibody,has demonstrated strong efficacy in preclinical studies1and a favorable safety profile.

Mr. Rawadi’s objectives include raising funds and building partnerships to support StromaCare’s lead product development towards clinical trials and continuing to develop the pipeline.

“I am very enthusiastic about Georges joining StromaCare as CEO,” said Philippe Archinard, president of the strategic committee at StromaCare. “His profound expertise in the biotechnology sector will facilitate StromaCare's transition from a preclinical to a clinical stage company and will shape the company to meet the challenges related to its growth. I, along with the board, wish him every success in his new role.”

"Georges’ solid experience and track record will be a tremendous asset to our team, making him an excellent leader for StromaCare. I look forward to working with him to elevate the company's innovation, ensuring its meaningful impact on cancer treatment,” said Ana Hennino, co-founder, CSO, and strategic committee board member at StromaCare.

Mr. Rawadi brings over 20 years of extensive experience in the pharma and biotech industry, having served in various key roles. Notable among his achievements are his positions as CEO and board member at Celyad Oncology (Belgium - Euronext listed company) and Ysopia Bioscience (France). Additionally, Georges has held significant roles as chief of biotech studio development at EureKare (France), vice-president BD & IP at Celyad Oncology and vice-president business development at Cellectis (France - Nasdaq and Euronext listed company). Mr. Rawadi holds a Ph.D. in microbiology and an executive master’s in management and strategy in the health industry. He is known for his passion in seeking and creating new business opportunities.

"I am very excited by the strong potential inStromaCare’s scientific and innovative approach, which will enable us to target a broad spectrum of solid cancers and overcome current treatment limitations. I am pleased to lead such a talented team and look forward to collaborating with individuals who share the same vision,” said Mr. Rawadi.

About StromaCare

StromaCare is a French biotechnology company specialized in bringing new cancer treatments to market through its understanding of stromal tissue biology. It develops innovative oncology drugs, both as a standalone and in combination with other treatments, for treating solid tumors based on the novel approach of modulating stromal components. How cancer develops and progresses is linked to the tumor stroma. The stroma limits the efficiency of immune cells against tumoral cells, facilitates the migration of tumoral cells and prevents the accessof treatments to the tumor. Unlike most therapeutic approaches, that directly target tumor cells and, until recently, largely ignored the desmoplastic stromal reaction that characterizes several types of solid cancer, StromaCare aims to make the stroma 'permeable' to immune cells and other molecules of interest (including treatments), to eliminate the tumor. It develops these innovative compounds from translational research to proof of concept in humans, which represents its specific know-how and area of expertise.  


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