A disruptive concept : the Tumoral Stroma Immunomodulation

Stroma acts as a physical and functional barrier preventing access of the immune system cells (particularly CD8+ T cells) and therapeutic agents to the primary tumor site, thus promoting tumor growth and reducing drug efficacy.
Re-organized collagen in the tumoral stroma confers metastatic properties to tumor cells.
Stroma increases micro-environment complexity, making surgery very difficult.
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STRO-501: Treat the primary tumor

Due to stroma increased rigidity, CD8+ T cells, that are key players as tumor cells killers, cannot get access to the core of the tumor.
StromaCare scientific Team identified a key stromal component called BIGH3 having a unique key dual role in both increasing the tumoral rigidity and inhibiting the LT-CD8+.
StromaCare has developed a specific therapeutic monoclonal Antibody called STRO-501, specifically targeting and neutralizing BIGH3, allowing for CD8+ T cells activation and penetration resulting in tumor cells killing

Our first-in-human product : STRO-501

  • BIGH3 protein, a stromal protein is playing a unique dual role in inhibiting the CD8+ T cells and increasing the rigidity of the tumoral stroma
  • StromaCare’s STRO-501 is a mAb targeting a specific epitope of the BIGH3 shown to be key in the mechanism of action of this protein.
  • It was demonstrated in vitro and in vivo experiments on several cancer models (pancreas, colorectal, bladder, ovarian) that the use of STRO-501 significantly reduce stroma stiffness and tumor growth and allows for restoring tumor access to therapeutic agents.
  • We are currently completing the regulatory package to submit our CTA for First-In-Human trial. STRO-501 is in the pre-clinical safety testing phase.
  • Clinical trial Phase 1 is planned for H1-2025 in four cancer models: Pancreas, Colorectal (Standalone) and Bladder, Melanoma (in combination with anti-PD1)

STRO-511: Prevent metastasis escape

StromaCare scientific Team demonstrated that reshaping of collagen fibers in the tumoral stroma by specific components facilitates tumor cell escape (metastasis)
Addressing these specific components induces disruption of collagen fibers alignment and reduction of overall quantity and thickness
StromaCare is developing a bi-specific monoclonal Antibody STRO-511, specifically addressing the stroma components promoting the collagen fibers re-shaping.

STRO-512: Prepare for surgery

Tumoral Stroma is a very complex, intricated and diffuse structure making tumor resection very difficult
StromaCare scientific Team identified a key stromal component that significantly reduces the stroma complexity and volume facilitating tumor resection through surgery.